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All Thing, the position error

When we look back in our surrounding cities, buildings, trees and hills, all these locations and forms seems to be amazingly complete. What is more, the perfect location in which the earth rotates for countless times, where our sun is located, and the gigantic universe all accounts for highest perfection.

These have nothing to do with the artificial things human make, such as the objects in the room. We have applied clothes in a way the trivial human eyes cannot catch and see the order of the universe inside resistance, and also by destroying the boundary of the reality.

The subsidiary theme, ‘The treachery of role’, is at the verge of extending the “All creation’s location error’s law”. The surrealism painter Rene Magritte’s painting [The treachery of Images] gave impact and we have switched from Rene Margritte’s visional image to a change in role performance. Just in case the meaning of an object may be used differently, we have defined the theme as ‘The treachery of role’.

(The treachery of role) is an experiment in which the properties and the essence of today’s attire are well-used in the clothes’ location and purpose

How would the meanings between A and B change if these were to change?
When meaning A is changed, how would the functions of B change? And if an object betrays its main role as an object, how should we call it? The answer lies here


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