16S/S Campaign

Elle est retrouvee.- (It has been found again.)

The concept for this season is ‘Elle est retrouvee’ which is a sentence from the poem L’Éternité by Arthur Rimbaud. Below is an excerpt from L’Éternité:

It has been found again.
What? – Eternity.
It is the sea fled away
with the sun.

The ‘eternity’ Rimbaud speaks of is the red sun melting in the blue sea.
The style Noir Larmes strives for can be defined as GOTHUAL and PUNCLASSIC.
A point where GOTHUAL (the sun) and PUNCLASSIC (the sea) meet is where Noir Larmes becomes ‘eternal’.
Much like the voyant in the poetry who has seen ‘it’, our S/S collection expresses
the desire for eternity.
The main print material we have chosen for this collection – the man with covered vision – sympbolizes not in the literal sense of impaired vision but rather that of blind faith.
Yet another symbol of great importance is the black forest which has been used as our main backdrop. A place where good and evil transcend, the black forest is a location designated to those who have fallen from the peak of desire. In other words, it is a forest drenched in the ashes of cravings burnt in its climax – a place where desire’s waste lies.

In the ‘fallen forest’ mentioned above, a new life is born only to continue the cycle of instinctual sin (ex; the Seven Deadly Sins).
As in the story of Adam and Eve, our story begins from the darker side of the tale – after the forbidden apple has been eaten.
You are able to take a look as a 3rd party into the daily lives of men and women whose lives have become a repetition of the decadent, dull (or weird)



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