15-16F/W Campaign

“À bout de souffle”
21century rockabilly

Upcoming Season Noir Larmes concept is inspired by Jean Luc Godard’s
movie ‘À bout de souffle’ and its styling was expressed with 21th century rock-a-billy concept.
Released in 1959, the movie director Jean Luc Godard
implied youth culture that was resistance for the old generation through sensational movie ‘À bout de souffle’.
Noir Larmes tried to combine sharp rather tender 50’s French mood and Rockabilly style that was opposed to the same period.
Rockabilly costume style is originated in 50’s but started to be popular in 1970’s.
You can meet Noir Larmes FW design along with this 50’s and 70’s minor young generations
representative symbols from both Rockabilly and À bout de souffle’.

Observed into 1950’s youth resistance movement culture in movie and music,
Noir Larmes creates two distinctive styles into one complete 21st century’s new design aspects.


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