13-14F/W Campaign

Are You Experienced?

The Doors Of Perception

The theme for this season, “Door of Perception,” is in close connection with the Noir Larmes’s main logo, “World of Perception”. The “Door of Perception” symbolizes a connection or a bridge that connects the “World of Perception” and the “Reality”. The key to open this “door” is the word “Larmes” which means tears in French, and requires pain, anguish, and change.

The general synopsis for this season was written rather shortly. The protagonist, who is a model, is well-mannered and formally dressed than anyone else, but is in despair and full of sorrow. At this moment, he unconsciously finds a mysterious door at the corner of his eye and is attracted to this door and opens it himself. What he sees behind the door is not a whole new world, but his own “Ideal’s room”, which he can find his true ego inside.

This season’s story could be a story for all, and also a story for the designer who is always suffering from trend and experiment.


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