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Singing in the darkness

The song ‘Singing in the rain’ comes from a famous musical,
which reminds people of a man fallen in love. Although the word ‘rain’ slightly gives a negative,
depressing impression, in this song, it is used as a medium that leads to a beautiful sentiment of love.
The title of this sweet song replaced rain to darkness, which gives a fairly heterogeneous impression
​Noir Larmes have tried to change the symbolic meaning the work ‘darkness’ may give from this season’s Singing in the darkness,
to perhaps an ironic life that finds hope in the midst of darkness.
​What Noir Larmes is trying to point out about darkness does not mean darkness as itself. In this context,
the darkness perceives light, which means it is a combination of light and darkness. Although in this theme,
the word ‘light’ is not directly indicated; Singing does include the meaning of light.
​Gothual, the subsidiary theme, is a compound word of [Gothic] and [Casual] and Noir Larmes have [Casual]ly untied his [Gothic] sensibilities.
Even though ‘Gothic’ is only a term for the minorities, when used together with ‘Casual’, it allows people to recognize ‘Gothic’ in a more ‘Casual’ way.
By absent-mindedly gazing towards the light in the midst of darkness and recalling a silent, warm melody,
this was designed in a somewhat frightening but with a slight touch of hopefulness
scaling in the middle of a mysterious boundary.


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