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Influenced by cubism, surrealism, and rock music from 1960s to 70s, my personal daydreaming and messages that I would like to say to the public is portrayed through design. Noir Larmes tries to blend in various types of culture and art at the same time, along with classics and expresses design in its own way, with fiction, nonfiction, faction and allegory all mixed together.

The clothes in Noir Larmes try to preserve the change in the image and understand new interpretations. When it comes to magnificent attires, we may start off with good fabric, but before, it is necessary to embellish a decent meaning and the designer’s way of thinking into the clothes itself. That way, clothing would be perceived as something more profound, going beyond from what it was in the past and seeking something more ideal.

Noir Larmes could be divided into two lines: cocain and ecstasy. The former is made from design and experiment, eligible to the theme and the latter is classic formal attire that is appealing to the general public. The main logo in the center that has the shape of a star means a “Star of Perception” that I am dreaming of, and the other shape near the star is embodied as the human nature. The tears that dangle from that point can be seen as a sort of suffering in order to get into the “Star of Perception”.

Noir Larmes means “Black Tears” in French.


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